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  • Yazidis in Armenia — The Yazidis in Armenia are the largest ethnic and religious minority in the country. The Yazidis are mostly ethnic Kurds who live in the west of Armenia and are adherents of the smallest of the three branches of Yazdânism. Relations between the… …   Wikipedia

  • Yezidis — (Yazidis)    The Yezidis are a religiously heterodox Kurdish group who have often, but incorrectly, been referred to by the pejorative title of devil worshippers. In reality, the Yezidis are a branch of the indigenous Kurdish religion of the Cult …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • Yazidi — Infobox Religious group group = Yazidi km. Êzidîtî caption = Yazidis on the mountain of Sinjar, Iraqi/Syrian border, 1920s. population = ca. 800,000 ndash;1,000,000cite web |first=Christine |last=Allison |date=2004 02 20 |accessdate=2008 03 31… …   Wikipedia

  • 2007 Yazidi communities bombings — NOEDITSECTION Infobox terrorist attack title=2007 Yazidi communities bombings caption=Location of Qahtaniya in Iraq location=Qahtaniya and Jazeera, Iraq target=Yazidis date=August 14, 2007 time begin= time end= timezone=UTC+3 type=Car bombs… …   Wikipedia

  • Religion in Syria — Membership in a religious community is ordinarily determined by birth. Because statistics on the size of the various religious communities were unavailable in 1987, only rough estimates may be made. Muslims were estimated as constituting 85… …   Wikipedia

  • Melek Taus — Melek Taus, el ángel del pavo real. Melek Taus, El Ángel Pavo real (en árabe ملك طاووس), es el nombre Yazidi para el Dios central de su fe. Algunos cristianos, musulmanes y otros identifican a Melek Taus como Lucifer o Shaytān (Satanás).… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Kurdish people — Kurd redirects here. For other uses, see Kurd (disambiguation). Kurds 1st row: Saladin …   Wikipedia

  • History of the Kurdish people — This article is part of the Kurdish history and Culture series Ancient history Corduene Kayusid Medieval history Shahrazur Shaddadid Rawadid Hasanwayhid Annazid Marwanid Hadhabani Hazaraspid Ayyubid Badlis Ardalan …   Wikipedia

  • Human rights in Armenia — are better than those in most former Soviet republics and have drawn closer to acceptable standards, especially economically. Still, there are several considerable problems. Overall, Armenia s human rights record is similar to that of Georgia s.… …   Wikipedia

  • Attentats De Qahtaniya De 2007 — Attentats du 14 août 2007 à Qahtaniya Les Attentats de Qahtaniya de 2007 eurent lieu à 20h, heure locale le 14 août 2007, quand quatre attentats suicides simultanés eurent lieu dans les villes irakiennes de Qahtaniya et Jazeera (Siba Sheikh… …   Wikipédia en Français

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